STEVENSON SERVICES takes pride in its ability to furnish complete tower clock restoration and rebuilding programs to churches, schools, and industry. Historically accurate restorations of all types of tower clocks is possible based on our access to a large information base dealing especially with Howard and Davis, E. Howard, and Seth Thomas time keeping devices. We specialize in weight-powered pendulum clocks. Restoration contracts can include:
  • On site inspections, consultant services, and estimates
  • Mechanical troubleshooting, works cleaning, and adjustments to specifications
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Fabrication of missing or broken parts
  • Weight cable and motor chain drive replacements
  • Weights and weight raceway repairs
  • Motorization of traditional crank winding mechanisms
  • Rebuilding and/or replacement of striking mechanisms
  • Tower bell service
  • Clock hands repaired or replaced
  • Gold leaf guilding

All tower work is performed from boatswains chairs, or secured pipe or swing staging.

Contracts and service available throughout the Continental USA.

Fully-bonded and Insured.

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